CJCU located half degree south of the Tropic of Cancer and has a climate that is transitional between humid subtropical and tropical. The city has high humidity and fairly warm temperatures year-round, but there are seasons with cooler weather between the months of November to March. During this time, the cold fronts from the Eurasian mainland bring dips in temperature that last for several days at a time, so students should be prepared and have jackets and warm bedding with them.

climate pict

Compared to Taipei, Tainan relishes a large number of sunny days. The UV index is also generally high, so students should be careful and protect their skin, especially when swimming or riding on motorcycles.

Most of Tainan’s yearly rainfall falls in the months of April-September. A period of rainfalls traditionally referred to as the “plum rains” may begin in May or June. Typhoons are most common from July to September, but the Tainan area is generally well-protected from these storms by Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range. In the mountains itselves, heavy rains along with typhoons often wash out roads,  causing avalanche. So, during typhoons, people should stay out the mountain areas (and away from the coasts). They should also store several days' worth of water, because typhoon-related landslides may damage the water reservoirs.

  Avg. Temp. (C) Avg. Max.
Temp. (C)

Avg. Min.
Temp. (C)

Avg. Rain. Days
Jan 17 23 13 7
Feb 18 23 14 6
Mar 21 26 17 5
Apr 24 28 20 7
May 26 30 23 12
Jun 27 31 24 11
Jul 28 31 25 14
Aug 27 31 25 15
Sep 27 31 23 9
Oct 26 30 22 4
Nov 23 27 19 1
Dec 19 25 16 1