Our Location

CJCU is located in the greater Tainan metropolitan area, 18 minutes from the Tainan train station via rail (Shalun line, CJCU station). By car, It is several minutes south of Exit 11 (Datan/Wudong) on Freeway 86, by car, an east-west link between Taiwan’s two major north-south expressways (Expressways 1 and 3). Datan is a friendly community with agricultural roots—the name itself means “big pond” in Chinese, but there are no fish ponds left in Datan and its rice paddies are also perishing. Occasionally, an ox cart can still be seen lumbering down the town’s main street.

Most of the town’s economy now centers on catering business through the university community—restaurants, food and beverage stands, printing shops, and motorcycle repair stores.