The Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies First Student Mobility Program at Christian University of Thailand to Strengthen English Guide Training


Nineteen teachers and students from the Chang Jung Christian University Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies participated in a 9-day intensive Chinese and English guiding skills training at the Christian University of Thailand.  In addition to English guide skills training and an introduction to Thailand's tourism industry, the program also included basic Thai language instruction to help students understand Thai and culture, practical experience in Thai tradition and modern life, and opportunities to interact with local students.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Suluck, President of Christian University of Thailand, said that Chang Jung Christian University and the Christian University of Thailand share a deep friendship. In recent years, the intensity and scale of exchange activities have grown, evidencing the student benefits of these activities.

Songkran, teacher at the International College which organized the program, is very supportive of the effectiveness of the intensive training. He was very impressed with how the students from Chang Jung Christian University confidently used English to guide tours at attractions, and able to go from saying only Sawadee kah/crab to shopping for ingredients at Thai markets.

Chen, Tsai-Ti, the teacher leading the team, indicated that this is the first time  the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies has attempted such an intensive training overseas, and found it quite meaningful.  From pre-trip preparations, organizing groups to handle visa application, purchase air tickets and arrange the itinerary to participating in English taught courses at the sister university in Thailand and actual tour guide practice, the students not only put their knowledge into practice, improved their English guide ability and skills, and increased their knowledge of Thai language and culture. The program also promoted exchange between university students in Taiwan and Thailand and expanded their international outlook.

These benefits of the intensive learning away from home program are invaluable, and can not be achieved through in-class teaching. Prof. Lan, Chair of the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies is appreciative of the Office of International Affairs for sponsoring and assisting with this intensive learning away from home program, and hopes that in the future, students will have more opportunities for such away from home training in different countries.



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