Indian sister school Chandigarh University visits Chang Jung Christian University to strengthen biomedical research and environmental education exchange


Dr. Nikita Goswami and Ms. Nishu Khurana, two renowned faculty members from the University Institute of Biotechnology, Chandigarh University, visited Chang Jung Christian University. During this visit, ideas were exchanged with related departments such as the College of Health Sciences, the International College of Practice and Education for the Environment, and the School of Safety and Health Sciences. Future possible collaborative projects between the University  Institute of Biotechnology, Chandigarh University and Chang Jung Christian University were also explored.

After a welcoming meeting by the Office of International Affairs, the two visiting faculty were invited to lecture on topics such as Indian plant cultivation technology and bio-oil production. Dozens of teachers and more than 20 students were among the audience.

The visitors also observed the University's English-taught courses such as biotechnology and chemistry experiments, and environmental and ecological education. They also visited the International Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Eco-Center and the Occupation, Environment and Food Safety Research Center, and participated in hands-on activities organized by the Extracurricular Activities Division.

According to Yung-Lung Lee, President of Chang Jung Christian University, with subsidy from the Ministry of Education’s Pilot Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) for Indian Young Scholars, Chandigarh University sent 8 Indian college students for one month of Chinese Language Study at the invitation of the University, where they also experienced various special courses offered by the University. President Lee believes that this faculty visit is an extension of that previous visit.

Michelle Li, Dean of International Affairs believes that through a series of intensive academic and event arrangements, the international friendship between the University and Chandigarh University can be strengthened, and the academic and research capabilities of the University can be enhanced.


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