Promoting International Exchanges -- St. Paul University Philippines participates in internship and seminar at Chang Jung Christian University


Four doctoral students from St. Paul University Philippines (SPUP) attended 3 weeks of internship and seminar at Chang Jung Christian University. The program, which included in-class observations and practice teaching, strengthened cooperation between the two universities.

The four students were Hanna Jane P. Vergara, Joan C. Agubo, Abigail B. Quimosing and Angelica B. Benigno. After a welcoming meeting by the Office of International Affairs, the students were invited to lunch with teachers from the Language Center, and both parties hope to continue future academic cooperation and exchanges.  

During the three-week of internship, the Language Center arranged 7 in-class observations, 4 practice teaching sessions for the four students, 1 session of free talk and 5 sessions of English counseling.  These sessions were opened to the students of Chang Jung Christian University to facilitate campus academic exchange activities.

In addition, the Language Center also organized an international Philippines cultural exchange to bring together Taiwanese and international students. The exchange centered on the culture of Taiwan and Philippines, and was conducted in English to

encourage students to cross international boundary, learn cultural differences and improve their language expression skills.

According to Michelle Li, Dean of International Affairs, St. Paul University Philippines doctoral students internship at the University is in its seventh year. In addition to gaining understanding of both schools, students were able to exchange and discuss their learning and cultural differences, which not only greatly enhanced the University's international academic exchange, but also served as a model for in-place international exchange.


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