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「學習不中斷、學習無國界」國際處2020秋季交換生結業式 網路串連海外交換生






   在台灣的印尼交換生CALLISTA IVANA MOGIE說,「I came here since February, 2020. It’s almost one year. I would like to say that I really enjoy the time here and I really learn a lot here. At first, I really don’t know how to speak Chinese at all. But my kind Taiwanese friends teach me Chinese. I will say that I have the best one year in my life, in Taiwan. I also plan to come back to here again after I graduate. 」

   線上印尼交換生EVELYNA NISSI ADJIKUSUMA說,「I would like to offer my gratitude to CJCU. Thank you for the chance for us to do this exchange program in the pandemic situation. This program has been a learning experience for me, because I learn how to adapt in the new learning environment, get alone with new people from different country and get a lot of knowledge that perhaps I cannot get it from my university. Thank you very much for making my 2020 more colorful and challenge. Even though we cannot meet in person but I will definitely remember this experience throughout my life.」

   國際處也感謝這學期大力協助提供線上課程的系所、老師。包括會資系許光毅老師、翻譯系陳采體老師、翻譯系邱東龍老師、翻譯系Mr. Paul James Butler、國會展學程李敏瑜老師以及經管碩班阮功皇老師。下學期也將繼續推動線上交換生的模式,希望有更多的老師一起協助線上交換生學習。

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