Telephone and Internet

The country code for Taiwan is 886. Inside Taiwan, the city codes are prefixed by a zero (Taipei “02,” Taichung “04,” Tainan “06,: Kaohsiung “07,”cell phones “09”), but the zero is omitted when dialing from outside the country. The telephone number for the University’s main switchboard is :

Chang Jung Christian University

+ 886-6-278-5123

(Office of International Affairs, ext.1711)


Cell phones

The Taiwan mobile phone network operates on GSM 900MHz / 1800MHz . If you have a GSM cell phone, the Office of International Affairs can assist you in the purchase of a SIM card with a Taiwanese telephone number. Taiwanese cell phone providers generally do not provide post-paid service to foreign users. Many overseas cell phone providers offer phone coverage in Taiwan, but if you will be making frequent international calls, you are advised to arrange for pre-paid service through a Taiwanese cell phone provider, such as Chunghwa Telecom, Far-Eastone, or Taiwan Mobile.

Pay Telephones

There are three types of public phones in Taiwan: coin, magnetic strip-card, and IC-card. The latter is best suited to international phone calls. There are several IC-card tele-phones on campus (lobby of the First Dormitory, first floor of the First Academic Building),and IC cards are sold at campus convenience stores.


International students who expect to spend large amounts of time communi-cating by international phone calls should download the Skype program, which allows users to make international telephone calls at greatly reduced rates. Skype credit can be purchased at local convenience stores.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • All emergencies (incl. fires):119
  • Police:110
  • Campus Security (Chinese):278-5119
  • Ofc. of International Affairs cell phone:(06)2785123 ext:1711
  • To place an international call:002 or 009 + country code + number
  • Operator-assisted int’l calls:100
  • Local taxi service:(06)2085555/ (06)2296000
  • International Community Service Hotline:0800-024-222
  • (0800-024-111; 24-hour, toll-free number)(English,Japanese)
  • Note that the emergency telephone number in Taiwan is 119—not 911, as it is in the United States.