There are approximately 60 clubs and student organizations, including a guitar club, a mountain-climbing club, a photography club, and clubs for various sports. ( Rugby is CJCU’s strongest competitive sport. ) Many students are active in clubs that represent their departments. International students are encouraged to attend the Club Fair during the first week of Fall Semester to get a better feel for the university clubs.

List of CJCU Student Clubs in Academic Year 2013/2014
Student Service Clubs Loving Care Club Social Service Club
Care Life Club Tzu-Chi Youth Group
DE Rover Scouts Club Public Relation Angels Corps
Student Fellowship and Recreational Clubs Harmonica Club Magic Club
Knbiyax Club Ukulele Club
English Fellowship  Guitar Club
Aboriginal Fellowship Cyber Game Club
Firefly Fellowship   Light and Salt Hymn Singing Club
Green Pastures Fellowship Youthful Kendamatable Club
Pop Music Club Pop Music Club
Student Fitness Clubs Badminton Club Volleyball Team
Baseball Club Mountaineering Club
Kendo club Sailing Club
Taekwondo Club Basketball Club
Karate Club Skate Club
Diversity Dance Crew Energetic Aerobic Club
Cheerleading Team Basketball Referees Club
Ballroom Dancing Club Street Dance Club
Student Academic and 
Art Clubs
Astronomy Club Beauty Club
Astronomy Club Drama Club
Photography Club Zen Education Leadership Club
(CJCUSB)  Symphonic Band Buddhism Club
Sign Language Club Motor Fans Club
(Animation, Comics and Games) ACG Club Chinese Music Club